About us and our goals

WED-Förbundet is a public benefit and non-profit association for WED/RLS sufferers and their relatives. The association has goals to aim since it was formed in Stockholm, March 2000. It consists of a board and six regional managers.

The association is non-political and non-religious, and everyone within the association work voluntarily with for example inform physicians and those who are affected by WED/RLS and arranging information meetings for the public.
WED-Förbundet cooperates with associate Professor Jan Ulfberg.

Our goals

The goals of WED-Förbundet are to:

  • disseminate knowledge and enhance existing knowledge of WED / RLS by sufferers and their relatives
  • disseminate knowledge among doctors and medical professionals, so that they quickly can diagnose patients with WED / RLS and appropriate medical treatment
  • inform authorities and contribute to research and development around WED / RLS
  • achieve a better understanding of the affected
  • facilitate a quick and easy diagnosis
  • access to effective treatment
  • almost all WED / RLS affected should regain a high quality of life and function optimally in society.

The society is the big winner when resources in health care can be more effective!

What are we doing?

We are…

  • … watching the latest research in WED/RLS to pass it on
  • … informing health care and public about the disease
  • … educating communicators and organize meetings
  • … working to make the disease WED / RLS better known.

Contact us

If you want to contact us – please write and send this contact form:

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